A broad range of policies guide and govern the activities of members of the Georgetown University community.  This web page (and the pages and sub-pages to which it links) organizes information about policies in an attempt to make applicable policies more accessible for students, faculty and staff. ;

While we have tried to cover all significant University policies, and will be updating this and related pages periodically in an effort to keep them current, there may be applicable policies that are not listed on, or linked to through, this page. Individuals should inquire with appropriate University offices about policies that apply to specific activities. 电脑怎么浏览国外网站:2021-6-15 · 这个好办,ownssh这款网络加速器非常的不错,这个加速器在美国和德国均有多个独立的服务器,速度和带宽有很好的保障. 不管玩什么类型的游戏,一点都不会感觉到卡,而且还能够享受到1080P的高清在线视频. 现在网上盗号,资料外泄... 苹果手机Pinterest打不开怎么

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Overarching (University-Wide) Policies – Significant University-wide policies that apply broadly to all members of the University community and are not restricted to particular groups.

Student Policies – Policies that apply to students, both generally and organized by campus (Main, Med and Law).

Faculty Policies – Policies that apply to faculty, both generally and organized by campus (Main, Med and Law).

Staff (and AAP) Policies – Policies that apply to staff and Academic Administrative Professionals (AAPs).

Policies Governing Specific Areas – Policies that apply to specific areas, activities or University administrative departments, listed by area for those engaging in those activities.

Note that some policies may be listed or appear in more than one of the preceding categories.


If you have questions about University policies, including how to find applicable policies, whether a policy applies to a particular situation, and other questions, please contact the University office that administers the policy in question or the Office of Compliance and Ethics or the Office of the General Counsel.

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